We’re redefining Birmingham.

For a century, Birmingham was an industrial city founded on steel. Now, it’s a modern metropolis known for medical advancements, financial institutions, technological foresight, excellent food, and a fantastic quality of life. The historic Sloss Furnaces are a testament to where we were. Sloss Real Estate is plotting the path to where we’re going.

Our History

We Were Born For This

Colonel James Withers Sloss founded the giant furnaces on First Avenue North in 1882. It was one of the first commercially successful blast furnaces that would essentially help establish Birmingham, leading to an explosive growth that would brand it the Magic City at the turn of the last century.

It was from these roots and a passion for his home town that led A. Page Sloss to start his real estate company in 1920. His son, A. Page “Pete” Sloss, Jr., was integral to what is still a family business. Today, Pete’s daughter, Cathy Sloss-Jones, serves as President and CEO of Sloss Real Estate. Together with a team of passionate real estate professionals, the extended Sloss family continues to redefine Birmingham’s future through their visionary approach which includes renovation, redevelopment, and community building, seeing potential in real estate that others may not see.

Our Team

Not Your Ordinary Team of Real Estate Professionals

The Sloss Real Estate team is not what you’d find at a typical commercial real estate company. Our staff is made up of community planners and developers, leasing specialists, designers, event planners, asset and property managers – and even the management team for the Southeast’s best Farmers Market. That’s because we believe real estate is more than about leasing space. It’s about creating community.

Our Mission

We’re Bringing the Magic

When many were focused on developing the suburbs, we turned an eye to where our company began – what at the time was the city’s declining urban core. Our pioneering revitalization and community building efforts began more than 30 years ago. Our favorite project, Pepper Place has become one of the most written about destinations in Birmingham, helping spark a downtown rebirth that continues to this day.

We’ve always been focused on building sustainable communities but we’re also dedicated to doing business sustainably. Many of our properties have garnered awards for their innovative design and Earth-friendly features – from engaging outdoor spaces to innovative adaptive reuse. We are so committed to community building and sustainability that we reflect it in our logo merging a stylized map of Birmingham with a vibrant green leaf.

Below are links to some of the special initiatives and programs core to our business.

We’ve been redeveloping Birmingham properties for over four decades.