This February marks Pepper Place’s one-year anniversary as an entertainment district!

Last year, the Birmingham City Council unanimously voted to establish Pepper Place as the city’s second entertainment district. This allows alcohol-licensed businesses in the designated area to sell alcohol to be consumed within the boundaries of the district and within its hours of operation. While it varies between districts, for Pepper Place this means that adults can consume alcohol within the Pepper Place campus every Monday through Friday from 4:30-11pm as well as Saturdays and Sundays from 10am – 11pm.

Over the past year, this has given guests the ability to move about Pepper Place more freely, and allows the area to feel more inviting and community-driven. Imagine being able to grab a glass of wine from Blueprint on 3rd as you walk down the pedestrian pathway to peruse FarmStand by Stone Hollow, Yellowhammer Print Shop, Billy Reid and Design Supply. What used to be a fragmented evening is easily connected within the entertainment district. As the outdoor season of the Market kicks off, adults can also enjoy a mimosa as they pick-up their weekly produce from their favorite farmer.

“One of the cool and exciting things about having this new Pepper Place entertainment district designation is for me as a tenant and a member of the Pepper Place business community, we’re all going to band together as a collection of businesses to create new and dynamic events,” Chef Chris Hastings told WBRC last February.

Sloss Real Estate values the entertainment district as “yet another opportunity to activate our common spaces and drive traffic to our tenants,” says Tom Walker, SRE chief operating officer. “As we pursue new tenants, the entertainment designation is a great selling point. They like the idea of being in a community and being able to collaborate on different events within the district. This, in turn, allows us to attract the type of businesses that complement our current tenants and also elevate the city of Birmingham.”

High expectations were set for the Pepper Place entertainment district, and it has delivered accordingly. In addition to everyday benefits and use, multiple successful events have been made possible by the district, facilitating deeper and more prosperous relationships between Sloss Real Estate, Pepper Place tenants, and Birmingham as a whole. The ability to effectively execute on the entertainment district has set Sloss Real Estate apart, branding Pepper Place as a stronger community and making the neighborhood even more desirable for potential tenants.

Join us as we celebrate not only the first anniversary of the district, but the continuing development of the Birmingham community! To commemorate the designation, we’ll be celebrating from February 21st-29th as we reward your exploration by giving you the chance to win a $200 gift card to the Pepper Place retailer of your choice!

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